Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Update: OUT IN THE SILENCE in Arizona, California, Colorado, and beyond ...

Puts Spotlight on Efforts to Heal Community Divides

As Arizonans grapple with the effects of last month's tragic shooting spree in Tucson, an amazing coalition of groups has organized a series of exciting OUT IN THE SILENCE screening events to help bring people together AND to rock their socks off! In addition to the film's hopeful and entertaining stories and dynamic post-screening discussions, the events will feature special performances by hauntingly inspirational Tucson-based musician, and OITS soundtrack contributor, NAMOLI BRENNET!

Hope you can join us ...

Feb. 22, 7:30pm - The Loft Cinema - Tucson

Feb. 23, 6:30pm - Arivaca Old School - Arivaca

Feb. 24, 5:00pm - Yuma County Main Library - Yuma

Feb. 25, 1:00pm - Salazar-Ajo Library - Ajo

Sponsoring organizations include the Pima County Library System, ACLU of Arizona, Wingspan Anti-Violence Project, The Amancio Project, and the Yuma High School GSA.

The OITS Campaign will be out on the road
in many other spots as well ...

Feb. 9, 8:30pm - The Dome @ Artisphere - Arlington, VA

Feb. 12, 3:00pm - Uniontown Public Library - Uniontown, PA

Feb. 13, 1:30pm - Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Beaver Falls, PA

March 3, 9:00am - Durango Independent Film Festival - Durango, CO

March 5, 3:00pm - Durango Independent Film Festival - Durango, CO

March 10, 7:00pm - University of Scranton - Scranton, PA

March 19, 7:00pm - Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival - Sebastopol, CA

March 30, 7:00pm - Wabash College - Crawfordsville, IN

Stay Tuned, Many More In-The-Works ...

Full screening schedule HERE. Is your community on the MAP?


Launch of California Initiative

With support from the Columbia Foundation, the OUT IN THE SILENCE Campaign is launching a major initiative to help raise awareness and connect, inspire and mobilize LGBT people and allies in small towns and rural communities across California.

In partnership with state and local groups, the Campaign will conduct town hall-style events in public libraries, churches, schools, colleges and universities, community centers, and local theaters aimed at garnering the media and other forms of public attention necessary to help build bridges across the religious and political divides that have harmed families, friends and communities for far too long.

If you or your organization have ideas to contribute or would like to be involved, please contact OITS Campaign Director, Joe Wilson -- Email:

The age-old quote from Margaret Mead may be a bit overused, but it sure applies here:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has."



At the heart of the OUT IN THE SILENCE Campaign is a dedication to the idea that small acts of LGBT visibility in places where they are rare and unexpected help to raise awareness and open-up dialogue in profound new ways and create ripple effects and opportunities to organize for change that go far and wide.

To help us continue building the movement for justice, equality, and human rights for all, particularly out in small towns and rural communities, please get involved.


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