Thursday, January 26, 2012

Former Dallastown School Board Member Opposes Screening of Gay Film

Hmmmm -- Fox News says that "Out In The Silence" is "a film about a small town struggling with a fear of homosexuality in their schools and community." We thought it was about courageous small town folks challenging bigotry and discrimination and building the movement for inclusion, fairness and equality for all.

"Out in the Silence" Screened by Dallastown Area High School Gay-Straight Alliance
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Dallastown (York County) -- On Wednesday, Out in the Silence, a film based on the struggle of gay life in Oil City, Pennsylvania was shown as part of Dallastown Area High School's anti-bullying week.

The hour long documentary sponsored by the high school's Gay-Straight-Alliance was shown as an educational tool for the community.

Lori Riddle, advisor to the group said, "They are people too, they have real lives, stories and heart breaks."

But some people disagree that the school should not have been the backdrop for a gay themed film.

Carroll Tignall, a former Dallastown Area School District board member, said, "I'm concerned about the purpose of the event and that's why I am here to find out more about it."

Tignall added, "I'm concerned why the school facilities are being used and personnel for the event."

Despite the opposition from some, the Alliance made it clear under accordance with the district and the law they are a district sponsored organization. Riddle said, "This is no different than the school showing a movie night and the Prayer Club having a meeting at the pole."

Tignall responded saying, "That sounds like a third grade response."

See the Fox News video report HERE.

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