Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stand Against Hate in Jamestown, NY - Rally - April 30

Message from organizers in Jamestown NY. This rally is being held in support of openly-gay Jamestown NY city council president Greg Rabb, who has recently become the target of a virulent hate campaign:

There will be a Stand Against Hate in Jamestown rally Monday, April 30, at 6:30 pm (before the city council meeting)  in Tracy Plaza.  This is in response to the Post-Journal's irresponsible treatment of a statement Greg Rabb made about Jamestown becoming a same-sex marriage destination. The resulting ugly response has threatened Greg's safety and made some LGBT people feel unwelcome in their own community. While we know that Jamestown is generally a great place to live, and that the majority of its residents don't harbor hateful sentiments against anyone, we must stand up against this element whenever and wherever it rears its head. It is affront to all of us who believe in the dignity and worth of all people, and we cannot tolerate it in Jamestown.

We are asking all who are willing and able to please join us in making this public statement. We are planning a quiet and dignified event with lots of signs and a few speakers. We hope our numbers will speak for themselves. Dress for the weather, bring your best pro-equality, anti-hate signs (although your support will be just as welcomed with or without a sign), and let's say NO to hate in Jamestown.

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