Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Our Oregon Friends ...

And all those involved with the Rural Organizing Project, Basic Rights Oregon, PFLAG Oregon, Community of Welcoming Congregations, and dozens of community-based human dignity groups across the state:

This is a long-overdue thank you for all that you set out to do, all that you accomplished, and all that you shared with us during our recent tour of beautiful rural Oregon with the OUT IN THE SILENCE Campaign.

At each stop along the way we were overwhelmed by your warmth and hospitality, fired up by your enthusiasm and hunger for justice and equality for all, and inspired more than words could ever convey by your fearless dedication to the hard work of organizing for profound and sustainable social change.

In what has often been a dark and lonely journey through other parts of the country, you reminded us of the goodness and light that is possible when people and communities come together to build upon what they have in common rather than what sets them apart.

We will carry your example of collaboration and your message of hope for a more just and humane world with us for a long, long time and share them with everyone we encounter everywhere we go!

Yours in gratitude & solidarity,

Joe Wilson & Dean Hamer


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